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About Us

Tian Long Tang Hall(Mighty Dragon Hall) is the most professional tattoo institution in Wenzhou. We always try our best to meet every customer’s need. The tattooist will design the unique pattern for every customer according to what they like. Also, every customer can choose what they like from millions of the fantastic tattoo patterns in the shop. There are all kinds of puncture decorations inside the shop.

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Artist Introduction

Mr. Lin Cheng {} Wenzhou Dragon Hall, founder of his childhood love of tattoo art, art, calligraphy. Because of unremitting efforts over the years for my tattoo shop down the road a solid foundation. Works with an air of realism tattoos, clean and delicate, three-dimensional sense of strong color harmony. Good changes known tattoo cover failure. The beautiful works of art to speak to the superb technical talk and was widely praised. Many customers come here especially to be able to very satisfied.
My experience of exhibitors
2004 Beijing International Tattoo TATTOO embroidery Exchange Conference
2004 U.S. Century Bank Paul tattoo Exchange Conference
The second session of the 2005 Beijing International Tattoo TATTOO embroidered Exchange Conference
2007 Third Beijing International Tattoo TATTOO embroidered Exchange Conference
Dalian International Tattoo 2008 Exchange Conference
2009 International Tattoo Show in Wenzhou, Zhejiang
2010 Beijing Langfang International Tattoo Show

Tattoo Precautions